Monday, August 3, 2009

Help Us

All Malawian workers at the Blantyre ACC including school staff, care mothers, gardeners, cleaners, maintenance workers and Malawian Administrative officers are regular paid workers. However, ACA depends on volunteers to keep it running. At present, all volunteers at ACC come from the East. It is hoped that South Africans and Westerners will also be inspired to volunteer in the near future. Depending on the job, volunteers can stay for a couple of months to a few years.
ACC will pay the travel costs of volunteers who stay for a year or more. Those who stay a shorter time will have half the cost paid by ACC. If volunteers wish to stay for less than a few months they will have to pay their own travel costs.
Large sums of money are needed to achieve ACC’s ambitious goals. Until recently all funds have come from the East. We hope, in future, to attract caring and concerned donors from Africa and the West, from many other cultures, religious and secular groups, to join us in aiding and empowering all the people of our continent so that each nation may achieve its highest potential. We trust we can put aside our differences and join resources to help Africa to create a better future.
Feeding and supporting the children
Food only for one child for one month costs MK 2, 000
Fully supporting a child for a month costs MK 10, 000
Any amount is appreciated and optional as well as other donations of food, clothing, blankets, stationary, shoes, resources, etc.
If you would like to know more about sponsoring an individual child please click here (chinese only sorry)

Donations may be made to one of the two accounts below.
Please send a copy of your deposit slip. Kindly include your name, address, phone number and email address so we can acknowledge your donation or send you an official receipt should you so wish.

Amitofo Carer Centre
002 412 791 0103
Limbe Branch
Amitofo Care Centre
021 000 005 678
Blantyre Branch

Ad Hoc
To date, Blantyre ACC has spent USD $3 million and needs about USD $3 million to completely finish construction details and plans. There is MK 4,5 million running through the local account monthly and
USD $ 30, 000 being issued to contractors every month end.
A high school has to be built urgently along with a central kitchen and the clinic needs to be upgraded so that ACC may help more children.